The repeal removed a potential barrier to sales of private

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Hermes Replica Belt When the researchers looked at the same five plans over all three years, the 2013 figure is still up noticeably to $120 million compared to the prior years studied.Several product developers have been predicting a ramp up of this kind would occur once consumers learned that annuities with LTC benefits were available.Also called annuity/LTC combo policies, annuity/LTC linked benefit policies, hybrid annuities and asset based LTC policies, the products began to spark marketing interest after a provision in the Pension Protection Act (PPA) took effect in 2010.That provision allows use of annuity cash value appreciation for qualified LTC expenses without subjecting the gains to federal income tax.The products got another boost in early 2013, when President Barack Obama signed the American Taxpayer Relief Act into law. Among other things, that law repealed the unpopular CLASS Act which would have provided certain LTC benefits to taxpayers. The repeal removed a potential barrier to sales of private sector solutions for LTC funding, such as annuity/LTCs.As a result of those developments, and also of the aging of baby boomers, expectations have been rising that combo annuity products would soon find their place in the senior market sun alongside similar life/LTC combination polices and also alongside the more expensive but more comprehensive standalone LTC policies.The annuity products have a considerable way to go before being considered mainstream, but the new Milliman/SOA report shows they are definitely in growth mode.Carl A Hermes Replica Belt.