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I find that so frustrating as well. I’ve heard (Dateline orator) Josh Mankiewicz talk about this, understanding that sentiment from the audience. Dateline knows how to inject all of those twists and turns to keep you riveted so it’s definitely a let down when you’ve been on this windy road the whole time only to end up at no particular destination..

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canada goose coats on sale The tournament has been blighted by these scenes of over the top reactions to refereeing decisions with scant respect shown to match officials.Cristiano Ronaldo shouts at referee Cesar Arturo Ramos during Portugal’s defeat by UrugayThe Real Madrid forward reacted angrily to a decision as his side were beaten 2 1 in SochiI’ve seen the universally recognised obscenity 'Puta’ screamed into faces of assistants and numerous referees surrounded by mass dissenters demanding a VAR review or a reversal of a clearly correct decision.A very enjoyable competition with some very good officiating is in danger of being spoilt by canada goose outlet new york the antics of the players and Saturday evening showed this canada goose outlet us as Ronaldo’s behaviour merely resulted in a yellow card and a subsequent one match ban as it was his second of the World Cup. He’ll miss the Nations League opener against Italy. Big deal.If this is to be the last we see of Ronaldo at a World Cup, it does not reflect well on his remarkable talents that this will be the final image.FIFA must instruct referees to be stronger in dealing with protests and then impose significant sanctions if the game isn’t to be lost to these screaming prima donnas.Ronaldo won’t be missed from this World Cup by match officials after his disgraceful displayThe Portugal talisman trudges off the canada goose outlet field canada goose outlet store near me in Sochi after his nation’s World Cup dream endedRELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 NextIt’s time for Neymar to now step up to the plate now that canada goose coats on sale.