Thank you for standing up for him

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moncler outlet Wed, 13 Jun 2018 20:26:44 +0000OMGosh Lenora. I adore you! I moncler outlet jackets have a few friends on my side, including my supportive husband, for going no contact and they understand the very real and very deep, profound trauma suffered in lives like ours at no fault of our own. And they are able to see and admire my courage and wisdom that is unfortunately too often not recognized as such. Michael is fortunate to have you in his life. I hope you both are ok. Thank you for standing up for him, you, me, and our castles of refuge. I lucky enough to know that there ARE others who didn go thru it who can still see the real reality of the situation (at many levels) That I am deserving of safety, compassion, love, and understanding, and that I need support being defended. I still suffer fallout, like you described in this post, and it throws my for a loop, but truth is my friend and knowing I stand up for that truth brings a character building peace of mind. YOU have been moncler factory outlet part of my journey, and I am, and have been, strengthened by you for years now on this blog. Thank you so much. I cry and smile with joy at the thot of you. I would hug you and tell you a cheap moncler jackets million thanks! We are the same age and went no contact moncler sale outlet at the same time without even knowing each other and I think we pretty neat. Stand strong. It matters to me. Keep speaking your heart and mind and know how many times I stunned at how they my words I have in cheap moncler coats my heart and mind. moncler outlet

cheap moncler jackets Thank you so much for your articles. You not only inspire and teach us, you provide humor to a serious subject. Luckily, I moncler outlet online moved far far moncler sale away. cheap moncler jackets

cheap moncler outlet If so, now what do you do? Would there be less narcissistic fuel if you just didn answer the door or simply walked off with no expression if they showed up? Let them bang on moncler outlet sale the door until their hands bleed while you put on earphones and listen to soft music after closing the curtains and locking the door. All the best to you and Michael. I totally understand your frustration with narcissists who do not understand or honor your insistence on contact cheap moncler outlet

monlcer down jackets During the first week of my no contact with my father, he called 911 paramedics 10 to 11 times, sometimes twice a day, in an effort to get me out of my house to see what was going on next door at his house. I ignored the blaring sirens and flashing lights every time. Frankly, at that point I didn care if he died. The volunteer paramedics finally told my younger brother to stop our father from wasting their time and resources on non events, and brother told moncler outlet store our father to knock it off. Father sent me a constant barrage of emails and text messages trying to hoover me back for over a year. I answered none of them. He enlisted other family members to gaslight and attempt to shame me for him. I ignored all of them. No contact means no contact. Period. To truly implement no contact, you have to be informed about what you moncler jackets outlet are dealing Cheap Moncler Jackets with and to develop a ramrod stiff backbone and thick skin. Thank you for helping me do that monlcer down jackets.