I don’t know if the Merzbau resonated with me because my work

In many strip clubs around the country, it’s commonplace for a dancer to offer a customer a quick hug, squeeze or cleavage snuzzle as a thank you for a tip. (I’m so tempted to make a tit for tat pun right now. Stripper Jesus, stay my hand.) Whether it’s considered legal or not varies from municipality to municipality.

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cheap jordans shoes I pored over close ups of what was by now an ordinary detail in the strange logic of the Merzbau, recesses and cavities in the construction filled with bodily matter (of course!), artworks offered, objects handled, clothing worn things that registered the touch of family, friends, cheapest air jordan shoes online acquaintances, and collaborators. I don’t know if the Merzbau resonated with me because my work space at the time already shared its proclivities towards accumulation, organized chaos, lived in ness or if it gave me permission henceforth to relish these qualities; I can say, however, that it is central to how I think about and organize my work space.Like the Merzbau, the space where I work is the space where I live. I’ve been advised to more consciously separate work and leisure and I understand the value as a veteran of the what is a weekend grad student lifestyle; at the same time, I’ve found that the messiness of cheap jordans size 8 flitting between these already blurred categories can be generative. cheap jordans shoes

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