in terms of the price, safety, timeliness and quality of our products would be impossible without the use of appropriate technologies and machines and devices associated with them. Therefore, we do our best to properly adapt our machine park to the nature of implemented orders, thus ensuring a high quality of optimisation of production process, in particular in terms of lowering the costs on every stage of execution of an order.

Preparation for printing

Having access to the best imposition system, i.e. preparation of materials for printing, we are able to quickly verify and prepare publication for direct exposure of printing matrices. Highly efficient platesetter allows us to optimally manage the production planning and use of the machine park. Moreover, the remote system for acceptance of materials for printing – Web Approval – provides our Customers with the possibility to independently carry out a process of remote sending, correction and approval of materials at any time and from any location with Internet access.


Our modern, full-size 2-, 4- and 8-colour sheet fed offset printing machines, with duplex printing option, additionally to a high quality, ensure high degree of flexibility in planning and optimisation of production. They allow print on a wide range of surfaces, with particular emphasis on thin, coated papers of density of 70-80 g/m2, commonly used in book publications.


Highly efficient, universal folding machines allow to prepare sheets of wide range of density and formats for binding. Devices for setting thermal threads, unique on the European scale, working in combination with the folding machines, allow us to prepare compositions for glued and stapled binding in a single process.


Fast and well-equipped machines for various types of bindings provide the opportunity to produce the majority of known types of bindings. Booklet binding, also with eyelets, paperback cover at the block thickness of up to 60 mm, with a simple cover or with wings, and finally paperback glued and stapled covers – a technology unique on the European scale – in which pages of a sheet are connected with threads, and the sheets themselves are connected using glue, all this may be produced within a single technological process.

This guarantees quality, timeliness and optimisation of expensive production and allows to control its process. Additionally, upon our customers’ request, with the help of our partners, we can produce publications in hardcovers and integrated covers, taking care to maintain the highest quality standards during processes carried out outside our company.


Additional adapters for machines and devices allow us to carry out a series of works at the stage of processing and finishing the production. One of the more significant aspects is the possibility to pack both single products and packages in a heat-shrinkable foil in a single run during binding. We also provide a service of inserting and affixing various types of applications (e.g. of CDs) to make the products delivered to our Customers complete and ready for immediate distribution.